Young leaf (tea way)



According to historical sources, tea appeared in Georgia in 1770, when Catherine II gave Erekle II a pottery and tea pot. It is assumed that the first bush of tea, which was for decorative purposes only, was planted in the courtyard of Guriel himself. The first bushes of industrial tea were imported from China and created under the patronage of 23-year-old Lao Jin Zhao, a Chinese agronomist. Jin Zhao had a few land titles: Capreshum - Reserve, Salibauri - Salaghobo, Chakvi - Samo. He was awarded the Stanislav Order of the Third Degree after 10 years of working in the estate. The specialist himself settled in Chakvi, where his family lived until 1926. In 1900, Georgian Tea received the highest quality recognition award at the Paris Exhibition. It should be noted that Georgia is an extreme northern region, where industrial capacity teas. 



The first stage of the route includes the Nobel Brothers Museum in Batumi

1. Lao Jin Zhao House

2. Quenching tea

3. Emir Ltd in Kobuleti

4. Agrofirma Kobuleti


The route

The route will start in Batumi, from the Nobel Brothers Museum, where Lao Jin Zhao s belongings are currently stored, then move to his home in Chakvi and optionally include tea-making local cooperatives that offer visitors various activities.

The route can be taken at any time of the year. Especially since tea is a product of the greatest culture and traditions to which many countries have special feelings and attitudes, including Georgia.