Art Nouveau


Art Nouveau (New Art) - a style in art, architecture and design that peaked in the early 20th century. The name comes from a shop of the same name in Paris, "Maison de l Art Nouveau". In Georgia this style was also called modern. Art Nouveau design covers the whole hierarchy: architecture, interior design, decorative arts - jewelry, furniture, textiles, pottery, lighting and a whole range of visual arts.


The network unites seven objects in Adjara (in Batumi, Makhinjauri and Tsikhisdziri), all of which have the status of cultural heritage.

  1. Former Zalensky villa in Tsikhisdziri
  2. Masonic house in Tsikhisdziri
  3. Former Pomorskie villa in Tsikhisdziri
  4. The former Lao Jin Zhao residence
  5. "Sibiriakov House" - a former house-house in Makhinjauri
  6. Residential house in Batumi (the building is one of the best examples of modern Batumi).
  7. Red Cross office in Batumi. Currently, modern style monuments are being studied and their exact number is finally being determined in Batumi.



The evaluation of the implementation of the route revealed the great tourist potential of these monuments. It is also interesting to note that Batumi, Tsikhisdziri and Makhinjauri are already popular among the local population and tourists, so this route will further attract interest.

The Cultural Route "Art Nouveau Modern Road in Ajara" can be carried out at any season of the year. Specialists of the field, art scientists, architects will be interested in the proposed route. This route may serve as an inspiration for many young researchers.