Colorful Past - Mosaic Road



Modernist buildings have been recognized in Georgia for decades, and the art of this era s architecture - monumental decorative mosaics - is still awaiting the discovery and attention of an international audience. Richly colored mosaics independent of Georgian architecture, but they are an integral part, and yet many of them are in danger of being destroyed. Mosaic art has been around for over 4,000 years. Originally decorative figures were painted with clay pieces in the background. As for the Georgian mosaic, in 1952-54, Ivane Javakhishvili Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography archaeological expedition in Bichvinta discovered a basilica of IV century. The floor of the temple was covered with mosaic paintings. The mosaic of Bichvinta was relatively well preserved in the altar apsid and soto. 1971-77. Archaeological excavations have revealed a mosaic painting of the 2nd century AD at the Dionysius Cathedral near the village of Forli. The mosaic painting was preserved in the apse of the small altar of Mtskheta. VII c. The first half dates from the mosaic of the Temple of Chrom. Most of the paintings have not survived. Three relatively large fragments are preserved in the Museum of Fine Arts of Georgia. The mosaic is black, different tint red, Blue and light green with pebbles of different size and shape. Gelati mosaic of the monumental Georgian monumental art dates back to the 12th century. Many cultural scholars, artists, and photographers today emphasize the importance of preserving and preserving the creative heritage. heritage


The route includes 26 objects scattered throughout Adjara, which tell a different story to the viewer. Most of them are in Batumi and the surrounding settlements, making it easy to visit

1 former cafe fantasy

2 Dolphinarium

3 World War II Memorial

4 ex-tobacco factory walls

5 bus stops

6 public schools

7 oil refineries

8 former kindergartens

9 Agrarian University

10 Culture House

11 bus stops

12 Former forestry

13 fountains

14 4th Public School

15 Residential Entrance

16 Residential Entrance

17 Former Lemon Farm

18 public schools

19 bus stops

20 Village Center

21 Fountains

22 facade decoration

23 bus stops

24 Former Sanatorium Entrance

25 bus stops

26 Former Sanatorium in Colchis



Mosaics are still very popular today, though some may find them craftier than art. Mosaics often have a dual function, as they are easily accessible, not elitist, and also a symbol of luxury. The traveler has the opportunity to choose a mosaic of topics of interest to him.
The route can be operated all year long. The convenience of the route is also due to the fact that the facilities are mainly in populated areas and public transport can be used to visit them.