Ajarian housing



Ode-houses are widespread in western Georgia and are characterized by architectural style buildings. Made of wood or stone poles, a timbered house is a good example of how architecture can harmoniously blend in with the environment. These little wooden houses tell a story about the culture of this place, its development and the people who lived in these houses. Ajarian dwellings differ in some architectural designs from ode houses in other parts of western Georgia.


The Heritage

Route includes all the villages of Khulo and Shuakhevi municipalities and the villages of Machakhela Gorge. Currently the process of registration of Ajarian timber houses is being processed, their cataloging is being carried out and the number and location of the remaining houses will be specified in the future.


The route

The route is conditionally divided into two: one direction includes the villages of Machakhela Gorge; The second direction is heading towards Keda, Shuakhevi and Khulo. The route will be available mainly during summer. The target group of this route is mainly specialists in the field, masters, art scientists, architects. Amateur tourists interested in healthy and historic sites.